Raquel André

Raquel André is a collector, performer and creator. Currently a PhD student at the  Center for Theater Studies at Faculdade de Letras - University of Lisbon. Master by the  Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Performing Arts, with a research on Collecting in  the performing arts. In 2011, she emigrated to Rio de Janeiro. There she worked closely  with Bel Garcia, Cesar Augusto, Marco Nanini and Fernando Libonati, in several works  by Cia dos Atores and projects at Galpão Gamboa. One day she asked a stranger to go  to his house to photograph them together as if she were part of his intimacy, thus  starting the Collection of People, a collection of 4 projects, designed for 10 years:  Lovers, Collectors, Artists and Spectators. All her projects are focused on interacting  and meeting the local communities. From one-to-one meetings, Raquel makes shows, performances, conferences, books and exhibitions to create an archive of the  ephemeral. Raquel was an artist at APAP Performing Europe (www.apapnet.eu)  between 2017-20, which gave her the enthusiasm and ability to collaborate and work  intensively in the international context. Her work has been shown in several countries in  Europe, South and North America. She is also a theater teacher having worked with  teenagers in the Kcena project at TNDMII (2019) and in the Labor project at Teatro  LU.CA (2020).  

Sandra Romero-Hidalgo

Sandra is a full-time researcher at the National Health Institute of Genomic Medicine  (INMEGEN) in Mexico in the Department of Computational Genomics. She studied  Actuarial Science at the National University of Mexico (UNAM), a Master Degree in  Biostatistics at the University of Waterloo, Canada, and a PhD in Biomedical Sciences  at UNAM. Her research interest is focused on studying the genetic diversity of the  Mexican population in order to identify genetic risk factors involved in different diseases  such as obesity, metabolic and cardiovascular traits, as well as autoimmune diseases.  She has received various awards in Mexico for her research work. She is also  interested in the dissemination of genomic sciences developing art and science  projects.  

Sérgio Couto

Sérgio Couto, 1983, Leça da Palmeira. He currently lives and works in Porto. He  graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto in Communication  Design, his work covers several areas such as graphic design, editorial, multimedia,  web programming, video. In 2010 he founded the Design Studio "Bolos Quentes"  dedicated to communication design and artistic direction, having developed a strong  portfolio. In its list of clients stand out: Fundação de Serralves, Guimarães 2012, C.M.  Porto, Amorim Group, Lovers and Lollypops, Red Bull Cultural Events, MAAT-Museum  of Art, Architecture and Technology, Casa da Arquitectura among others. Currently he is  dedicated to the development of cultural and artistic projects, developing identity and  communication strategies in a transversal way. 

Big Idea

Nancy Álvarez-Vázquez is a communicator, holds a Master's degree in marketing, and  is a professional photographer. For the last nineteen years, she has worked for several  companies and institutions, and is founder of Big idea.

Sofía Flores-Fuentes is a biologist, holds a Master 's degree in science communicator.  For the last few years she has worked as a civil servant, university lecturer, science  communicator, and is part of Big idea.

Big Idea is a science communication agency established by an interdisciplinary group of  professionals devoted to engaging with different audiences through scientific content.  Created for the purpose of helping businesses, institutions, scientists and physicians to  obtain more value from their products and services.  


Fuel leads the field in independent producing in the UK’s live performance sector.  Since our story began in 2004, we have produced over 143 shows, 7 festivals, 4 films,  36 podcasts, an app, and three books. We have achieved this with the support of more  than 107 artists and companies and our work has been experienced by more than  700,000 live audience members, 660,000 online audiences, and 8,750 participants.

We work with brilliant artists to enable them to share their artistic vision. We develop  and present an adventurous, playful, and significant programme of live, digital, and  multi-disciplinary work for a representative audience across the UK and beyond. Our  mission is to produce art that exposes our fears, reveals our hopes, and empowers us  to change what needs to be changed.  

Fuel produces fresh work for adventurous people by inspiring artists. We believe in  supporting and stimulating artists to develop their own ideas through provocation and challenge. We have a rich and trusting creative dialogue with all of the artists we work  with, and we engage with all aspects of the development of the work. Each relationship  is unique, as we try to respond to the needs of each artist individually.  Some of the artists Fuel has worked with include Will Adamsdale, Inua Ellams,  Encounter, Fevered Sleep, Lewis Gibson, Gyre & Gimble, Nick Makoha, Racheal Ofori,  Frauke Requardt, David Rosenberg, Andy Smith, Sound&Fury, Melly Still, Tom Stuart,  Uninvited Guests and Melanie Wilson.  


Bernardo de Almeida, Luisa Gutiérrez-Esteve, Natalia Mayen-Garcia, Mirsha Quinto-Sánchez, Frida Rosales-Leycegui